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Port of Marseille Fos governing bodies

Port of Marseille Fos

The Autonomous Port of Marseille officially became the Marseille Fos Port Authority on October 9, 2008.

Since then, Port management has been entrusted to an Executive Board, currently composed of 3 members, under the control of the 17-member Supervisory Board.

The Development Council has 40 members representing professional, social and associative circles, as well as local authorities and their groupings, that are concerned by the Marseille Fos Port Authority.

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The Executive Board

It provides the establishment’s leadership and is responsible for its management. To this end, it is invested with the broadest powers to act in all circumstances on behalf of the Marseille Fos Port Authority.

It recommends the general direction of the establishment's policy to the Supervisory Board. It prepares and submits the strategic plan to the Supervisory Board for approval before implementing it.

Generally speaking, it is responsible for acting on the decisions of the Supervisory Board.

The term of office is five years, and may be renewed.


Hervé Martel Président du Directoire du Port de Marseille Fos

Hervé Martel - Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Executive Board


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Chantal Helman - Directrice Générale suppléante

Chantal Helman - Alternate Director of the General Manager

Patrick MADDALONE - Human Resources Director

Patrick MADDALONE - Human Resources Director


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Conseil de Développement

Development Council


The Development Council must be consulted with regard to the Marseille Fos Port Authority's strategic project and its pricing policy.

In addition, it may make proposals and request that items be included on the agenda of the Supervisory Board meeting.


The Development Council has 4 colleges and is composed of 40 members :

12 port community representatives, selected from the following categories :

  • Companies based in the port.
  • Shipping companies serving the port.
  • Agencies of the shipping lines based in the port.
  • Pilots working on the port.
  • Companies operating plant on the port.
  • Port services companies operating on the port (including handlers, freight forwarders, consignment companies, customs public warehouse operators, ship brokers, transport companies and rail operators, etc.).

4 staff representatives from companies operating in the port, including at least 2 representing the employees of port handling companies.

12 representatives of local authorities or groupings located in the port area. The list of local authorities or groupings with a representative is set by the Prefect of the PACA Region.

12 qualified individuals with an interest in the development of the port, including at least 3 representatives of approved environmental protection associations and 3 representatives of companies and managers of land transport infrastructures.

The members of the Development Council are appointed by order of the Prefect of the Region. The term of office is 5 years. The Chair of the Development Council is elected from among its members.

The 4 members of the executive board, the chair of the supervisory board, the Prefect of the Region or a representative, the Maritime Prefect or a representative, the Government Commissioner and the Comptroller General attend the Development Council meetings.

Conseil de Développement

Supervisory Board


The Supervisory Board determines the strategic orientations of the Marseille Fos Port Authority and exercises ongoing control over its management.



The Supervisory Board is composed of 18 members :

5 government representatives : the Prefect of the Region and representatives of the ministers responsible for transport, the environment, the economy and the budget.

5 representatives of local authorities : the Conseil Régional PACA (2 representatives), the Conseil Départemental des Bouches du Rhône, the Ville de Marseille and the Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence.

3 staff representatives from the public establishment, including one representative of the management staff.


5 qualified individuals are chosen for their competence in activities related to ports, development, environment, maritime navigation, transport, the regional or national economy (including 1 representative of the CCIMP and 1 representative from the business world).

The Supervisory Board of the Marseille Fos Port Authority, as it is currently composed, took office on April 24, 2019 on the order of the Prefect of the PACA region. The term of office of the members of the Supervisory Board is 5 years. It may be renewed.

The members of the Executive Board (in an advisory capacity), the Government Commissioner and the Comptroller General attend the meetings.