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Ongoing consultation

Ongoing consultation

Created in 2012 and initiated by the Port of Marseille Fos Development Council, ongoing consultation in the western harbours is above all a question of dialogue and sharing information.

Ongoing consultation is based on collective intelligence and allows for the search for the "highest common denominator" between stakeholders.

You can download the principles of continuous consultation in PDF format below

You can download the signatories of the continuous consultation in PDF format below


It is a sustainable ongoing process that takes place upstream and in parallel with regulatory consultations.

As each theme has an impact on the territory or groups of actors, consultation meetings may result. A wide range of subjects are covered, from air quality to public health, the protection of the environment and biodiversity, jobs and, above all, all the development or planning projects in the industrial port area.





The participants are drawn from all stakeholder groups in the area : local authorities, local residents' associations, environmental protection associations, established industrial and professional groups, government departments, professional and employee unions, etc.

  • Today the ongoing consultation process assembles a network of some 450 people.
  • There are 26 signatories to the Principles of Ongoing Consultation. 





Principes de la concertation continue