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Since 2015, the Industrial and Innovation Platform of Caban-Tonkin (PIICTO) has brought together industrial entities located in the Caban-Tonkin area and the Port of Marseille Fos. Its goal is to improve competitiveness and the development of industrial activities and innovation in the area.

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Sylvain Pichon
Energy Transition Manager

PIICTO it is simultaneously :

  • a 1200 ha industrial-port area, connected from a logistics and utility (energy and materials) point of view, located at the logistics crossroads of local and international markets.
  • a 40-member multi-stakeholder association, actively working on the development, investment, and implementation of synergies between industries.
  • an innovation accelerator: INNOVEX.

The PIICTO association, brings together close to 40 members, including manufacturers, promoters and the Port of Marseille Fos, the industrial port area developer ["active members"] and representatives of the government, local authorities, competitiveness clusters, etc. ["qualified members"]. PIICTO is at the heart of the new economic development policies, and the energy and environmental strategies of the Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence, the Région Sud, and the government (via ADEME and DREAL in particular) which have actively provided financial support since the association was set up.

Some figures :

  • 1,200 hectares 

  • 40 members

  • 3,000 direct or indirect jobs

  • 17 established companies

  • 5 million metric tons in maritime traffic (6% of the total Marseille Fos Port Authority traffic)

  • 600 ha of land awaiting development

All the information is available from : https://piicto.fr/

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