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To invent tomorrow's industry and meet environmental challenges, the Innovex incubator is dedicated to setting up pre-industrial pilots linked to energy transition-related innovation.

Located on the Caban-Tonkin Industrial and Innovation Platform "PIICTO", the Innovex incubator is an accelerator for innovative demonstration projects related to the new industrial and energy sectors. 

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Sylvain Pichon
Energy Transition Manager

The INNOVEX platform

It welcomes projects in an attractive ecosystem, offering synergies with established industries (provision of utilities to test and validate projects in close-to-real conditions). 
4 themes are pre-targeted :

  • Storage and recovery of renewable energies.
  • Renewable raw materials and the circular economy.
  • Electric and thermal smart grids.
  • Risk control and safety.

It accompanies projects during two key and complementary phases in their development :

  • The acceleration to market phase, which leads to setting up an industrial demonstrator either on the Innovex platform or in host industries

  • The industrialization phase establishing a new full-scale industry or value-added service, which is the ultimate goal of the Innovex approach.

Two demonstrators are currently being tested on the PIICTO platform :
  • Jupiter 1000 which prefigures the sector of the power to gas.
  • COMBIGREEN, Elyse Technology society, pyrogasification demonstrator for energy recovery.
All information is available from : https://piicto.fr/